How We Stay Warm In The Winter

how to stay warm

As it remains cold outside, the cost of staying comfy inside starts to heat up. So it's at this time of year I stare at my thermostat, wanting to turn it up two or three more degrees, but knowing that I have to find other ways to stay warm. As much as I try to convince myself it's "fresh" inside and it's better for our world and saving money, I must admit it's simply very chilly... and I long for summer! … [Read more...]

IWM : Rochelle Rubinstein

Rochelle banner

We spoke with Rochelle Rubinstein, visual artist and founder of No Toxic Turf. Rochelle is a concerned Torontonian who is leading a campaign to protect the health of students and the environment, and save natural fields from being replaced with artificial turf. We found out why this cause is so important to her, easy ways to make a positive difference in your community, and why you definitely want to keep your kids and pets away from artificial turf. … [Read more...]

Good Gifts + Merry Sips

featured image - Holiday

The holiday season is in full swing, with parties, presents, and lots of good cheer. There's still time to find the perfect gifts, and to help you out, we've put together some of our favourites that inspire people to live healthier lives, make the world a better place, support good people and companies, don't create excess waste, and make your getters really, truly, very happy. … [Read more...]

IWM: Kailey Gilchrist

Kailey Gilchrist

We spoke with Kaily Gilchrist, creator and owner of NONA. She makes totally pourable, perfectly dippable rich and creamy sauces, without the use of cream (or any dairy, soy, gluten, or GMOs, and it's vegan). We found out why she has had to crowdfund her family recipe, what this entrepreneur tells herself every morning to keep going, and about her unconventional subway/cashew workout.  … [Read more...]

It was 20 years ago today

It's hard to believe that it was 20 years ago today that I started my business. I am celebrating this milestone (made up of so many moments), by sitting at my desk and doing what I do. I am BEYOND grateful to be here (understatement). Also, I am a little is it possible that I’m old enough to be reflecting on 20 years in business? … [Read more...]