Fashion Revolution Day : Who Made My Clothes?

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When you shop, ask “who made my clothes?” (not which brand....but, who? literally!). Think about the thread from the garment, to the machinist who sewed it, all the way back to the farmer who grew the cotton. On April 24, 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains continue. … [Read more...]

IWM: Caterina Marchese


We spoke with Caterina Marchese, registered holistic nutritionist and owner of March Essential Foods. According to Caterina, the most powerful, sustainable and bioavailable therapy is Evidence-Based Food Therapy, her main area of focus. We found out what her therapy is all about, what we should all be looking for on food labels, and why we should never ignore our gut. … [Read more...]

Want to look inside my fridge?

featured image - Refrigerator Reveal

Thanks to Aurea Dempsey and tuja wellness for opening up my fridge to all. Click here to see the feature and the inside of my fridge. I never would have expected to hear from so many people. Highlight messages include: … [Read more...]

IWM: Richa Gupta


We spoke with Richa Gupta, founder of GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD. She makes fresh, local, artisanal foods, and with very purchase, donates a meal to someone in need. We found out how to make a delicious butter-free butter chicken, why she refuses to use canned ingredients, and how tonight's dinner can help keep a child in school. … [Read more...]

Because Social Media doesn’t just work, it makes us hungry, too! Part 2

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It’s all too often that I need to defend the value of social media…bottom line: it works. BUT, you do need to know HOW to work it, and use it well. I can only relate it to being trained in the art of making sales calls, or customer service, or even finding the right group of friends. It is certainly not a separate department at your company, and it’s certainly not something to farm out to an “expert” without involvement and understanding. … [Read more...]