Kitchen Essentials

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There are more products available today than ever before that are designed to make our lives “easier,” many of which are to help us out in the kitchen. But if you have a drawer filled with utensils that serve one single purpose, doesn’t it take you more time to rummage through everything to find that banana slicer, and then put everything back into the drawer, than it would to have just used a regular ol’ knife? … [Read more...]

IWM: Stacey Burgess

Stacey Burgess

We spoke with Stacey Burgess, creator of Live on Chocolate. She makes raw, organic, and fair-trade desserts in Toronto that taste incredible and are totally guilt-free. We found out why these desserts are not considered junk food, how to enjoy sweets without sugar spikes, and how to make a living playing with your food.  … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Please Your Lover

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Valentine's Day is once a year, and not to be a mood killer, but we should be celebrating those we love everyday, not just a single day. Don't get caught up in the commercial side of this holiday. It's not about buying chlorine bleached paper, printed with toxic inks, and sealed with icky glue in envelopes. It can be a day to make it extra known to those you love, how much you really cherish them. As with any occasion, a little creativity can quickly take the place of purchased extravagance. It's even acceptable to be a cheap date, if you pull out enough love, and put in enough thought. … [Read more...]

IWM: Anna Lappe


 We spoke with Anna Lappé, a widely respected author and educator, an expert on food systems and a sustainable food advocate. We found out how to change the world and make great friends, how to kick your fear public speaking, and why it's never too early to put your kids to work.  … [Read more...]

How We Stay Warm In The Winter

how to stay warm

As it remains cold outside, the cost of staying comfy inside starts to heat up. So it's at this time of year I stare at my thermostat, wanting to turn it up two or three more degrees, but knowing that I have to find other ways to stay warm. As much as I try to convince myself it's "fresh" inside and it's better for our world and saving money, I must admit it's simply very chilly... and I long for summer! … [Read more...]